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   Educational Consulting and Literary Firm
   "Creating spaces that thrive."
Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths

CREATE and EDUCATE'S 5 Super Strengths 

"Creating spaces that thrive."

 R- Respect

      E- Excellence

             A- Accountability

L- Literacy

             L- Leadership        

Become Resilient with Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths 

(Schools, Educators, Students, Organizations, and Businesses)


With Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths, we create spaces that thrive through resilience.



Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths provides products, professional development, educational services, and consulting services that empower and engage leaders, teachers, parents, and entrepreneurs to transform their practices to be best practices in educational and business spaces.


NWEA is an affiliate of Create and Educate, LLC.  
Co-Founder and Senior Trainer/Coach, Principal Tammy Taylor contributes to the NWEA Blog.  See her latest entry here:

NWEA Case Study where Tammy Taylor serves as Principal:  

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About Us

Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths was founded by Sheka Houston and Tammy Taylor, school leaders with 40 years of experience between the two of them and an added bonus of having backgrounds and experiences in business, banking, and real estate.  In terms of educational results, the dynamic duo has been involved in charter school start-ups, has instituted nationally-recognized college and career-ready programs and character education programs as school initiatives, has received the South Carolina Palmetto Silver Award for academic growth, moved schools from the Priority and Comprehensive Support and Improvement statuses, won the Palmetto State Arts Education Steam School of Excellence Award and moved schools from the 17th percentile to the 90th percentile in reading on the NWEA MAP assessment.

Upcoming Events

  • The Build My Sister Collaborative
    The Build My Sister Collaborative
    Sat, Aug 31
    Aug 31, 2024, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Columbia, 1014 Greene St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA
    Aug 31, 2024, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Columbia, 1014 Greene St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA
    Black women lead in their homes, organizations, and the workplace in multiple capacities. Black Women Leaders (and those who support them) from across the nation are invited to this in-person event where Dr. Clenora Hudson-Weems will discuss the 18 characteristics of Africana Womanism.


Create and Educate's 5 Super Strength offers classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops for literacy, social, cultural, emotional learning, and character education.

We also have products available such as posters, books, and printed educational materials in the fields of social, cultural, emotional learning, and character education.

Education services

Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths:

  • Leaders

  • School Leadership Teams

  • Teachers

  • REALL Literacy Framework Training (Culturally relevant, social and emotional learning with character building).

  • Apply to be a Phoenix School

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Entrepreneur services

  • Book/Product Reviews

  • 4 Steps to Become a Vendor in Schools/Districts

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  • Featured on our platform

  • Modules

  • Modules and Coaching

  • Saturday Question and Answer

  • One-on-One Strategic Planning

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Business Services

Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths:

  • Business Analysis 

  • Culture Assessments

  • Staff Training 

  • Leadership Training

  • Implicit Bias Training

  • Collaboration Training

  • Phoenix Certification

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Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths

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Senior Consultants/Founders and Coaches

Dr. Sheka Houston is a passionate educator that has the desire to inspire all she comes into contact with to become the very best versions of themselves.  As a teacher, Sheka was awarded teacher of the year by her peers.  She has spent the last 18 years in public education, 13 of which has been in administration while also serving as the AVID District Director.  She has also served as the district facilitator for Title IX and the teacher evaluation protocol.  Sheka is a certified grant writer through Research Associates and has received multiple grants to include EIA ($6000.00) PPG ($1500.00) and NetLead Mini-Grant ($1000.00).  Sheka has been trained in A Framework for Understanding Poverty, The Ron Clark Educator Training, Single Gender Training, NWEA training and Culturally Relevancy training.   She is a contributing author in the Women Who Lead Anthology which features extraordinary women with extraordinary achievements from all industries and careers.

Sheka also serves on the Board of Girls on the Run, Tri-County, South Carolina, serves as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, serves on the Juneteenth Celebration-Chester Committee and is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  Entering the field of education through the alternative certification program, Sheka transitioned into education from the real estate industry where she was a Million Dollar producer after hosting a workshop on self-esteem for a group of young ladies in a local community pageant.

Sheka conducted research through Gardner-Webb University to become a Doctor of Education with a concentration on school leadership.  Her dissertation topic; Impoverished Schools that are Performing Successfully in South Carolina.  How do They Differ from Impoverished Schools that are Underperforming? was inspired by her desire to find solutions for new principals, especially those serving in high poverty areas, to experience success in the area of academic achievement for students.

Finally, Sheka is the co-founder of The Knowledge Academy for Girls, where she is able to live out her original passion that drew her to education in the first place and this is cultivating young girls.  Sheka and her husband of 22 years, Jerry, have two beautiful daughters, Elizabeth and Isabella who are truly her inspirations, as she leads and inspires through the lens of a mom.

Dr. Tammy Taylor is a dedicated educator who has committed her life and career to the service of others.  She has spent 23 years as a public educator, serving in a plethora of roles including teaching fourth and first grades respectively, Instructional Coach, Instructional Coordinator, Curriculum Facilitator, Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Director of Title I and Testing, and Director of Accountability and Special Projects.  Her most recent role has been her service as an elementary principal.  Tammy has served on a variety of committees and boards over her career as an advocate for students and public education.  These include First Steps, the Chamber of Commerce, and the South Carolina Association of School and Title I Administrators.  She has a strong background in Early Childhood Education, curriculum development, and literacy and foundational reading skills.  Tammy has been trained in the tenets of the national movement to increase reading skills - Reading First.  She served as a partner teacher and Reading First Initiative team member.  Tammy is passionate about teaching and learning and keeps her skills honed through her affiliations with a number of professional organizations.  She is a member of the Association for School Curriculum and Development, The National Education Association, The South Carolina Education Association, Kappa Delta Pi, the National Association for Professional Women, and the International Reading Association.

Tammy earned her PhD from the University of South Carolina.  Her passion for validating the experience of the principalship and the impact on students’ achievement, influenced her research focus.  This research focused on the leadership experiences of four African American, female principals and their experiences:  challenges and successes.   

 Tammy is married to Keith Taylor and the co-founder of The Knowledge Academy for Girls.  She’s passionate about working with youth, and has worked with young ladies to create a sense of value and self-worth through teaching them to understand, accept, and fulfill their purposes in life. 

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