What is The Knowledge Academy?

In an effort to empower girls in The Knowledge Academy, a framework outlining a sisterhood paradigm that promotes self-awareness, leadership development, and unity is utilized.  The effort to unite girls and form a genuine sisterhood is an attempt to change how black girls and women treat, support, and interact with each other.  Teaching girls and women to learn to love themselves and each other is of paramount importance.  This information will be the result of a sound awareness of self and a strong program for leadership development engulfed in culturally relevant, social, and emotional learning.

Mission:  The mission of the Knowledge Academy is to use our sisterhood paradigm to unite girls of color around self-awareness developing them as strong leaders in a culturally relevant environment providing opportunities for healthy social and emotional development.

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Program Focuses

​The Knowledge Academy for Girls has a heavy emphasis on social and emotional learning (SEL).  Girls receive a culturally relevant, literacy experience through Create and Educate, LLC.’s 5 Super Strengths – Resiliency Framework – done the R.E.A.L.L. way.  The carefully designed framework focuses on respect, excellence, accountability, leadership, and literacy.   

We directly attempt to help our young ladies overcome the following challenges:

  • Viewing each other as direct competition

  • Being envious of what another sister has

  • Being unapproachable by other females

  • Being self-conscious

  • Wanting to be the cool girl

  • Allowing social media to divide us through hurtful messaging and inappropriate communications

  • Believing there isn’t room at the top for everyone

There is a need for black girls to be immersed in a cultural and social awareness that promotes unity and a genuine sisterhood.  It is a fact that mean girls grow up to be mean women.  Therefore, the need to have strong character-building programs in place that allow girls to have mentorships that cultivate the nurturing and caring qualities that are a natural part of their DNA is great.  Too often, girls of color are unaware of how truly amazing they are because they have been taught to live their lives through a deficit model that always positions them as inferior.  Being black alone creates a set of circumstances and issues that get compounded by their gender and class from day to day.  Black girls have been taught to believe they should fight against one another and tear each other down to get to and “hold” that top position.  No one is communicating that there is enough room for us all to be successful, and ultimately, we are better together than we are apart from one another.  The aim of The Knowledge Academy will be to help black girls understand that they should be proud of one another and lift each other up at all times. We plan to teach young ladies how to celebrate each other’s successes and never allow jealousy to keep them from being genuinely supportive of each other.  We aim to teach our young ladies that they are not in competition with each other – but instead are called to be cheerleaders for each other – to always avoid jealousy and envy creating tensions and strife within the community.

  • The Knowledge Academy for Girls serves girls Pre-K through sixth-grade girls in the Chester, Rock Hill, Lancaster, York, Union, Fairfield, and Fort Mill areas of South Carolina.  

  • Meetings are held once per month in person in an outdoor or indoor space selected by the advisors.

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