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The Collaborative: No More Ashes

The resource that pulls educators, parents, and community members together to prevent burnout in leaders and teachers and frustration in students and parents by building REALL resilient schools where all stakeholders can thrive with the REALL resilience framework.


The Collaborative: No More Ashes

 with Create and Educate’s 5 Super Strengths
to Next Generati
on, REALL Resilient Schools
It Doesn’t Have to be Lonely at the Top

REALL stands for Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Literacy, and Leadership. This framework is used to coach leaders and teachers and build student efficacy. It puts systems in place to make the process of school improvement manageable.


The REALL Academy provides the success formula to not just improve schools, but transform schools into places teachers want to teach, leaders want to lead, students want to attend and parents want to send their children.

The Collaborative: No More Ashes guide brings districts together with their community to celebrate the wins and solve the problems in their system. Everyone will leave supercharged with the next steps. 


The guide is complete with registration guidance, venue, time of day, advertisement, tickets, sponsors, speakers, topics, and breakout sessions.

About Us

Dr. Sheka Houston

Dr. Tammy Taylor

Create and Educate's 5 Super Strengths was founded by Sheka Houston and Tammy Taylor, school leaders with 40 years of experience between the two of them and a bonus of having backgrounds and experiences in business, banking, and real estate. 


In terms of educational results, the dynamic duo has been involved in charter school start-ups, has instituted nationally-recognized college and career-ready programs and character education programs as school initiatives, has received the South Carolina Palmetto Silver Award for academic growth, moved schools from the Priority and Comprehensive Support and Improvement statuses, won the Palmetto State Arts Education Steam School of Excellence Award and moved schools from the 17th percentile to the 90th percentile in reading on the NWEA MAP assessment.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Event: Build My Sister

Saturday, August 31, 2024

10:00 am 

In-person event with a 

Virtual Option

The mission of Build My Sister:

At Create and Educate, LLC, we educate organizations about the successes of black women in leadership and partner with them to create more opportunities for black women to advance through empowerment, support, and professional development.


The vision of Build My Sister:

The vision of Build My Sister is to impact the lives of Black children by impacting the lives of Black women one community at a time.


Build My Sister 

10 Week Live Class:

Leadership Development for Black Women in Leadership

The Leadership Institute

10 Week Live Class:

Leadership Development for Leaders

School Turnaround Packages:

Site Visits

Live and virtual coaching



Book the DoctHers for upcoming speaking events.

Please provide the following information:

Description of event

Topic/topics in mind

Size of audience

Location of event

Any other relevant details

Professional Development 

Build My Sister Collaborative

Our Services

3 Hour Virtual PD - $3500

In-Person PD - $5800

Leadership Development for Black Women in Leadership - Apply

The Trustmate Institute 

Leadership Development for Leaders - $2500

School Turnaround Packages

Fill out form to get a quote

Professional Development Topics 

Choose from the topics below:

REALL Reading Strategies: Building Resilient Readers

Build My Sister Workshop

School Transformation through MTSS: Secondary

School Transformation through MTSS: Elementary

REALL Culturally Relevant Classrooms

Salvation of the African Child

Restorative Practices by Fire

School Turnaroud: Systems to Align the Work

Built to Last:  Creating a Climate and Culture of Excellence

REALL Classroom Management

The Best Approach to Instructional Leadership

Revolutionizing Leadership: Aligning the Work

Supporting the New Generation of Learners

Effective Questioning

Or provide a custom topic in the form

Benefits of The Trustmate Institute and The Build My Sister Collaborative


Sixty-seven percent of Gen X leaders want more external coaching.  Eighty-eight percent of people who received coaching felt that it affected their feelings about their company. One-third of US workers feel their company-provided training does not meet their expectations.

The professional development helps leaders develop their skills, helping them to become more effective, efficient, and successful in their roles. In addition, it helps create an environment where the leaders are respected and supported and their ideas and input are valued. This alone, creates a more positive work environment and improves overall morale.


According to research, those involved in a Trustmate Institute Experience will experience the following:

  • Satisfaction 

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills

  • Improved feelings about your company

  • Be a part of organizational change

Work With The Leadership DoctHers

Awards and Recognition


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Create and Educate, LLC.

Chester, SC 29706,




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