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Create and Educate-Parenting Edition

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Parents, are you prepared for virtual learning? It can be overwhelming.............

We are here to help!

Setting up your child's virtual learning space.

It's important to be prepared for virtual learning. Be sure you have the following:

  • A fully charged tablet-A charger just in case the tablet goes dead.

  • Internet access or a hotspot-No internet? Search your area for free internet access points at restaurants, stores, etc. Local companies may be offering free internet.

  • A clean table or desk in a non distracting area for your child to work. A blocker may help....see the picture below.

  • The schedule for the day with needed links and teacher email addresses.

  • Calendar-helps with organization.

  • Books and all supplies (supply organizer may be helpful) ready to refer to if needed.

  • Encouraging words-this is difficult for children to adjust to....encourage them daily.

  • Be sure breaks are built into your child's schedule. If you feel more breaks are needed, respectfully email the teacher.

  • A desk lamp may be helpful.

  • Remember online learning and school-work are great. Be sure your child reads 20 minutes a night in addition to school-work. See the impact below.

  • Look for virtual opportunities for extra-curricular activities like piano, dance or art. This will help your child connect and still feel involved while not being physically in school.

Example Virtual Learning Spaces

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