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Community Partnerships

1.  ROTB Diplomat Center that serves those who are experiencing property and hardship with food, shelter and technology.

2.  Juenteenth Celebration-Chester

3.  Brainerd Institute Heritage

4.  Chester-SC Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

5.  Alpha Alpha Gamma Psi Christian Sorority, Inc.

6.  SC Family Ministry

7.  Dubb Customs

8.  Mr. Show Me's Art

9.  Story Time-Ms. McGriff

10.  Rhythm Academy

11. Hardy Handz

12.  Little Brown Girls Publishing

13.  Today in the Woods

14.  Talking with Tabatha

15.  Lexi Lens Productions

16. Rae J Photography

17.  The Glory of Women Radio

18.  Mario Hughes-104.5 FM

19. AJ's Playhouse


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